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How to: Cut Clutter from Your Home

1. Form and Function

Is it broken or damaged?

If it mattered, wouldn't you have mended it by now?

Get rid of it.

2. The Two-Year Rule

You say you have 'nothing to wear' but your wardrobe is bulging.

Haven't worn something in the past two years?

Donate it to a local charity.

3. Done and Dusted

Your storage spaces are filled with boxes of outdated kitchen gadgets, unused gym equipment, and the baby clothes of your now-adult children.

Pack them up and pass them on.

4. Computer Says 'No'

Holding on to floppy disks, cassette tapes, old mobiles and computers?

Transfer and backup anything that matters.

Then drop electronic items off at your nearest e-waste recycler.

5. Lost All Meaning

The artwork your great aunt left you.

The ring your ex gave you.

If items don't mean anything to you anymore...

It's time to let them go.

Once you're in the clear, speak to our experts for more information on selling your newly decluttered property.

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