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Are you ready to take the next step
in property ownership?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur on the lookout for your business’s new brick-and-mortar location or you’re ready to add another property to your investment portfolio, our team of commercial loan specialists partner with you to get precisely the loan outcome you’re after. Contact us to get started today.

You're in Business with a WE.

Commercial lending expert.

Our relationships extend to market-leading

commercial lenders - leave the negotiation 

up to us and we'll secure the right commercial

or business loan.

You secure the right property; we’ll secure the right rate.

Industrial Building

Commercial lending policies are far from black and white. The challenge is figuring out what lenders want from your application, and negotiating a successful outcome suited to your circumstance. Don’t miss out by trying to compare complicated, technical lender policies yourself; with us as your commercial loan broker, you will unlock the best rates on the market.

From retail outfits to commercial offices, no dream is too big.


We have a proven track record financing and refinancing all types of specialised and commercial properties. We have helped our clients purchase everything from childcare centres to industrial properties, surgeries, and more. If you’re dreaming of rental returns or capital growth, give us a call.

Experience & Expertise is what counts when it comes to Commercial Property Loans


Are  you looking to expand your existing operations or need a commercial space for you new venture. At WE We’ll help you get purchase the right property with our range of financing options.

Financial support when you need it

Commercial finance is very different from residential property loans, which have a very straight forward structure. Acquiring a commercial loan needs to be navigated and negotiated carefully. As the lenders want to know that your business venture is going to stand the test of time as well as be profitable.  Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the way – liaise with your accountants and adviser to get the detail needed to get the deal over the line.

Secured loans on commercial property

Often, lenders will require some form of collateral to be placed to secure the purchase of your commercial property. This is more common with larger purchases. Structuring where and how the collateral is raised is often key to making the deal work. A WE team member will negotiate and liase between you and the lenders to ensure you are getting the right terms on your secured agreement and minimise the risk so you are not in danger of losing your collateral.

Let us get you the best commercial property loan or mortgage

When it comes to investments like these, business-related contexts carry benefits and advantages over residential ones. For example, you’ll get stronger returns on your investment and the stability of the income is also much higher than residential opportunities. You effectively also take on lower risk, gain access to a range of tax benefits and can diversify into a range of different industries and sectors.

Finance for commercial investments are more complex than residential mortgages though and these loans also need to be structured correctly to ensure you are getting the best possible tax advantages. Contact the team at WE Mortgage Solutions to help guide you through this process.


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