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WE. Investment lending specialist support you can trust.

There are so many options available for financing and refinancing your investment loans, having a trusted expert on your side can be one of the most valuable investments you make. Whether you are looking to invest in your first investment property or your moving onto your 5th you'll get access to knowledge and experience you won't find at the bank when you arrange your laon through WE Mortgage Solutions.

Grow your wealth with an investment loan.

We'll help you access your equity

and structure your loans so that  you

have maximum cash cash flow to

grow your portfolio.


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Advice and guidance to super charge your investment strategy.


Investment finance can be difficult to navigate on your own, with ever changing rules and regulations you need an experienced finance specialist by your side. We'll cut through the jargon and explain everything in English. 

Our team have helped countless investors, entrepreneurs, mum and dads and business owners to secure their investment property loans. 

We don't just have great relationships with our clients - banks and lender too.

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We maintain great relationships with Australia's leading banks and lenders, so that we're across all the changes as they happen, and we have someone on our corner when we need. 

Our team of tech savvy finance experts will use their experience, relationships and systems so you get a great deal in the most timely manner.

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Investment Property Loans

Investing into property is a great way to grow your wealth, history has shown us that your investments property values grow over time and with rental returns paying the lion’s share of the mortgage helping you own your investment outright. You can’t be more secure than that!

A WE finance specialist can help you with all your investment loan needs, whether you’re looking for your first investment property or seeking to expand your investment portfolio and have hit some roadblocks. We’ll use our experience to guide you through.

First investment property loan

Investment property lending is different to financing a home, we’ll make sure you understand the differences in easy to understand in plain English and find the best finance structure for your needs.

Structure Structure Structure

Having the right investment loan structure can be the difference between able to get your next investment and not – it can also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans. A WE finance specialist will take you through the options available for an investor including deductions to minimise your tax exposure, paying “interest only” to improve your tax deductibility. Often these structures will involve using multiple lenders so that you’re not putting all of the risk with one lender. It can be complex and we highly recommend you talk to one of our specialists to get your structure right from the start to get the most benefit. 
If your credit history is shady – talk to us we may be able to help. 
Don’t miss out growing your wealth because you're too afraid to ask, here at WE – we see many different types of borrowers just because you’ve had a chequered credit history doesn’t always mean you can’t get an investment loan. Talk to one of our lending specialists about getting the loan you need.

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