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Taking the Key

WE.'ll Tell you exactly how much you'll save.

There is so much information out there online. So many of the comparison sites over exaggerate the cost savings you’ll get by refinancing to get you in the door. Here at WE Mortgage Solutions we’ll take the time get to know you and your needs, we don’t just want a one-off transaction - we want a lasting relationship. We’ll show you your options and together we’ll decided if refinancing is the best option.  

Refinance the right way.

Are you wondering if a mortgage refinance is right for you?  WE.'ll review your current situation and show you your options and give honest feedback, because we know relationships are built on trust.


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We'll help you see the forest through the trees.

In the Forest

There are literally thousands of refinancing options. So, you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start. Before we consider our panel of lenders - we’ll organise a FREE HOME VALUATION to kick off, and talk to your current lender and given them opportunity to sharpen their rates and if they won’t come to the party, only then we’ll recommend a refinancing your home loan. 

Structure and the right advice are key to refinancing

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Securing a low rate is only part of the of the picture, when we evaluate your options structure is paramount – we’ll explain how a shorter term or switching from Fixed rate to variable or vice versa can work for you. We

can help you consolidate bad debt and show the best way to structure your payments so save the most interest – just leave the numbers to us.  

Refinance Home Loans and Mortgages

If you feel like your interest rate is to high chances are your probably right. A  WE Mortgage broker can help you bring your monthly payments down by refinancing or by negotiating a better deal with a lower interest rate from your current loan provider. 

How to refinance your loan

Firstly we check your credit record and make sure your debt payments have been consistent and up to date - ideally ahead.  The best way is to let a reputable mortgage broker, like at WE Mortgage Solutions, take care of this for you. We are well connected with over 35 banks and lenders and can seek out the best deal for you through our network and strong negotiation skills.

What if I have a poor credit score? Can I still refinance?

At We Mortgage Solutions, we have access to specialist lenders that will provide lending when your credit score is poor, however these options can be limited and the rates can be higher. Our credit team can assist you in improving your credit score with a tailored plan to help you take control and build up your rating, so that you can return to a main stream lender and achieve those more favourable rates.


Can I refinance every couple of years? 

There is no limit to how often you can refinance, as long as you have a good credit score and acceptable equity in your home. As WE. clients we'll let you know if there is an opportunity for you to access a better rate and make you sure you get the best deal. 

Get a better rate on your home  loan today.

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