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We're delighted to release the first of our monthly Home Loan Rate Check's. We'll keep you updated so that you can stay on top of the rates as they change in this super competitive market.

We keep our fingers on the pulse so that you can take advantage of the deals as they come to market.

Money News

• NAB: Introduce an unsecured business loan up to $100,000 priced at 12.95% - to compete with niche cashflow funders.

• Bank of Melbourne: Lead a number of banks in dropping fixed interest rates and they price Investment IO a little more aggressively too.

• Westpac Commercial: Withdraw appetite for broker introduced property transactions. Larger Commercial Property deals hard to place across the board.

• ING: Drop Investment P&I Rates. Also invite channel conflict by offering refinance incentives for direct customers

• ME Bank are offering a great LVR of up to 90% for tree that could help you keep your place in town.

If you haven't reviewed your home loan's lately or are wondering how to get your next investment property just pick up the phone and call us and we'll help you get there.

Phone: 1300 13 59 53

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