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Be ready - Buying your next home

It couldn't be more true 'be ready' there is plenty of competition out there in the market place and planning and preparation is one way to stay ahead. Knowing how much you can borrow and having a plan and a pre-approval in place will allow you to be buyer that puts in an offer confident you have your finances sorted.

The home loan market is constantly changing, so how can you be sure that you find the loan that’s just right for you?

Finding the right loan has never been more complex. Today, there are hundreds of loans on the market. To make matters worse interest rates and lender policies can change without warning leaving borrowers confused about exactly what the right loan is for their needs.

When it comes to finance there is plenty to consider.

Are you looking to pay off your loan as quickly as possible or do you plan to build a property portfolio? Do you need access to cash for a renovation or to help out with school fees? Do you need a construction loan? Do you want a fixed or variable interest rate?

While there is a host of questions for you to work through, a WE broker can help you throughout the entire process.

And even if you’re not ready to make your next property purchase immediately this could also be a perfect time to reassess your finances and conduct a mortgage ‘health check’. This means looking at your financial position and making any necessary changes.

Like the home loan market, your life doesn’t stand still, and your financial needs and wants don’t either. Your home loan broker can work with you to match a home loan with your needs.

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